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International Medical Workshop

Constanza, Romania, 2014

182 doctors registered this year for the Workshop on severe urogenital malformations in children.
15 children received surgery in total.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Boemers 

Jurist Cornelia Iacob R.N.

Prof. Dr. Roman Metzger, Dr. Mircia Ardelean 

Our largest workshop to date. 182 doctors registered with the workshop containing 15 surgeries in total. One girl came back to see us from a few years ago, she had been completely introverted and unable to socialize because of her incontinence. Since her operation, she makes full eye contact, talks openly and even sang a song for us. She's blooming as a human being which is the joy we see as a result of these workshops. Of course it about training, but the lives changed are innumerable.

Surgery broadcast to the lecture hall via 2- way communication for live questions and responses. Also this year, we had Jan Vozenilek filming the entire event. 
Each year, doctors from the west share their techniques with doctors from the East ..... This has a profound impact on the region. 

Dr. Reza Vahdad                                                   Prof. Dr. Thomas Boemers

Prof. Dr. Constantin Tica

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